1. M1zz

    Victorian Property Investment Club

    Hi all, Although I joined a while back, it is only recently that I started visiting Somersoft more often, and nowadays I am almost on every day reading. That can give you an indication to my type of personality, which is the observer type. I learned much about the friendly culture and...
  2. brendio

    Small scale investment fund

    I have been thinking for a while about managing investments on behalf of family and friends to increase the funds I have available to play with to fulfil all the investment ideas I have. I would like to charge a management fee modelled on that used by Warren Buffett in his early days. Something...
  3. B

    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Feb 24th / Joint Ventures and Syndications

    Better Investing Group Meeting 24th February, 2009 Guest Speakers Jonathan Vuong Chris Vitale Hello everyone! This month we have two speakers who have experience with buying investments with other parties and entities. There are many different structures and ways to invest as a...