1. Alex P Keaton

    PM short course - Pm's r just too expensive in WA

    I'm thinking maybe in the future I might do a PM short course at TAFE. You can study 2 nights a week. PM's are just so expensive in WA. If I didn't have to pay a PM my Perth ip would be neutrally geared & I'd be able to invest sooner. Currently I'm out of pocket around $70 per fortnight after...
  2. W

    community zoning

    Hi, there is a property Im slightly interested in that is zoned community. It is surrounded bycommunity (TAFE) with community zoning across the road. There is a residential house on the land currently rented out. We are not developers merely keeping the houses and renting out. What do people...
  3. Honest John

    TAFE short courses

    I was wondering if anyone has attended a TAFE short course in any of the following disciplines: tiling, plumbing, plastering, carpentry, If so, did you think it was worthwhile, value for money, etc? Did you attend in a block or was it say, every Wed evening for 3 months? Thanks in...
  4. Outback Nomad

    Property Development and Investment TAFE

    Hi everyone, First time poster on the site. I am wondering if anyone has done the Property Development and Investment course through TAFE/OTEN? I along with my fiance have 3IP's and am looking to broaden my knowledge on all things RE. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on the...
  5. tiger

    Tafe OTEN courses

    Has anyone ever done a Tafe OTEN course? It is the long distance courses that you can complete from home. Im considering doing one, more for brain stimulation than anything else. No plans to get a job out of the qualifications, I just enjoy learning. Im looking at a financial course but...