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  1. S

    Owner builder ? Build and sell

    My spouse is currently unemployed. So I am thinking to buy a new land in her name released by landcom, build a house and sell as soon as possible. Please advise what is the best set up to buy and build. Please note Landcom only allows to buy land in individual names. So setting up trust etc...

    Margin Scheme - 3 Townhouse Development

    Hi All, Just got a few queries in regards to Development and the Margin Scheme. After days and days of looking at ATO websites and forums, I still haven't got a clear idea of the Margin Scheme. Any chance you guys could assist? 1) Do I need to purchase the property under the margin scheme...
  3. I

    Extra payments or another investment ?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and investing in property.My concerns is traditionally my wife and I have always been paying extra on our mortgage. I am now questioning if there is any value in contributing our extra income to this property or if we should use the cash flow we have to save our...
  4. Willocb

    Newbie - How to Setup?

    Hi, I am new to property investing and want to take the plunge, but want to get it right. I am interested in building an investment property. My father and I are interested in investing together and making it a bit of a team effort. - What are the positives and negatives of setting up...
  5. B

    Why live in a PPOR?

    hey guys I'm wanting check if my thinking is sound CURRNT POSITION --------------- -28 year old -just about to move out of home -IP1 just paid off --> equity at least $280,000 -IP1 bringing in $270 ($1,100 net per month) -wage $82,000 ($4,400 net per month) -business income $700 net per month...
  6. C

    Do Depreciation Survey before or after Repair?

    Hi, Just bought my investment property in Perth & rented it out. Planning to get some works done around the house. 1) To replace gutter which have rusted throught 2) To replace swimming pool filtration system 3) To replace bath room tiles which have popped out when tenant moved in Does...
  7. R

    Owning your home sooner - ATO & I

    I have filed for a private ruling, as to the deductibility of capitalised interest from LOC secured against a PPOR to service the IP loan. Talking to the ATO they accept that it tax deductible under 8-1 but are looking closely at applying part IVA. The ATO officer drew my attention to the...
  8. Joh

    Do Hybrid Trust Give Real Tax Benefits?

    I have been ploughing through tonnes of info on Hybrid Trusts and much of it is conflicting. The latest readings are from Julie Hartman's 'Saving Tax on you Investment Property' and she does not seem to recommend them. She says that the tax benfits are just not there for property investors...