tax deduction

  1. S

    Refinancing an investment loan (LMI Deduction)

    I buy an investment property(IP1) today and borrow 80% LVR to purchase it, 6-8 months later(or maybe even 1-2 years later ? time really does not have any bearing here) I decide to refinance the loan to 90% LVR ? (with the same bank) ? but use the extra 10% as deposit for a subsequent investment...
  2. M

    Tax Implications - New Construction

    Hi, I'd appreciate input and clarification on the following. Background: I have a block of land that I have built a property. Initially, my intention was to sell but I also have the option to rent it out. As an FYI, I am a PAYG salary earner with no other investment property...
  3. sashatheman

    Interest Tax Deductible - Scenario

    Hi Somersoft Forums Can you please help me understand if the following scenario allows the interest to be claimed on the loan. We had a PPoR that was split into two loans as follows. PPoR loan 1: ($82k) PPoR loan 2: ($200k) PPoR loan 1 had a redraw account, that we were unknowingly...