tax deductions

  1. Fisher

    Adding a granny flat

    Hi, I plan to knock down and rebuild my house. I also plan to build a granny flat as part of the new house, just with a separate entry. I am a bit confused how should my tax deduction look like after I do this. Is it similar to renting out a room in your house? I am planning to live in...
  2. sashatheman

    Can bank a/c fees e.g MISA be partly tax deductible?

    Hi quick question. If you have a bank package like we do 'Mortgage Interest Saver Account' (MISA) that gives you an offset account, credit cards etc, and you get charged a yearly fee I think mine is $350. Can any of that fee be tax deductible because we use the offset account that is part of...
  3. Y

    Non-bank loan and taxation

    Hello, We are looking to purchase an investment property however, we are planning to get a lone from our family rather than financial institutions. We have made an agreement with our family that they will be receiving approx. 6% interest on the loan. My question is are we going to lose...