tax implications

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    Tax Implications - New Construction

    Hi, I'd appreciate input and clarification on the following. Background: I have a block of land that I have built a property. Initially, my intention was to sell but I also have the option to rent it out. As an FYI, I am a PAYG salary earner with no other investment property...
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    Investment property and Tax

    My partner and I currently have 2 properties jointly. One is owner occupied and one is investment property both have mortgages. However the value of both properties is far greater than the mortgage value so we have equity in both houses. I am the in higher income earner than my partner The...
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    Tax implications on property sub-division and onsell

    I am considering purchasing an existing property on a large block of land as an IP, sub-dividing the land into house/land and a separate vacant block, then selling both - hopefully with in 1 year of the initial purchase. Can anyone please advise the tax considerations / implications I...
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    Bank guarantee and tax implications

    Hi, If I'm purchasing a PPOR off the plan, does anyone know if the related bank guarantee fees are deductible? They are usually charged every 6 months. It seems unfair that all the interest is taxable but due to the bank guarantee fees; I'm actually only receiving a proportion of the...