1. tempura

    Termination of Notice ... can someone please explain?

    Very noob in this sort of situation. I'm the landlord and I just signed up an Exclusive Management Agency Agreement Residential (Short Version) REINSW. In the Agreement section point #2 ... The Agreement shall commence on the blah and may be terminated by either party giving not less than...
  2. C

    Tenant screening website

    I saw on Somersoft a few weeks ago, a post that included website link available to screen tenancy applicants (I think the post/thread was asking if PMs used the website to screen applicants). If someone is aware of the website/thread I am trying to find, could you please put a link in reply...
  3. T

    Periodic lease & increasing the rent

    Long term stalker first time poster. First time buying in Brisbane and I'm trying to do all my homework, I have found a property and am planning on making an offer, its a decent place and a nice area but the current owners have a tenant on a periodic lease way below the market rate, about...
  4. Spades

    Ppor into Ip,off to a good start:rolleyes:

    Hi All, My foray into resi investing has got off to a good start,tenant defaulted after the 1st month and then after some prompting from the agent,tenant pays 2weeks rent and promises to come in next week and pay a months rent. Suffice to say,it didn't eventuate.Agent told me i...
  5. N

    Tenant playing hard ball??? PM happy with kick backs???

    Hi everyone, I bought this IP back in April. It was already tenanted, self managed by the previous owner, with rent below market value and no bond. I suspect the tenant is some kind of relative of the previous owner but I can't be sure. Anyhow, the lease expired in July and I brought the...
  6. DSC04618


    Goodness knows how they did this!
  7. C

    Advising the tenant of intentions to sell

    Hi everyone I am looking to sell and would like to approach the tenant to see if they're interested (don't know either way). Can I do this by contacting them directly by letter in the mailbox, Dear tenant....... or must it be done through the PM?? They have kept the place in excellent...
  8. H

    Help - Tenant in Need

    Hello, I am hoping you can help me. Its a very long and drawn out situation I am dealing with here and I am at a point where I cant handle it anymore! nearly 3 months ago i (luckily) woke up to my heater, pillow, carpet on fire, from putting the fire out I received 2nd degree burns to my feet...
  9. Alex P Keaton

    Tenant says she cant afford $10 increase

    Each year I up the rent $10 per week. So now it will be $240 per week. This is for a 1 bed (renovated kitchen) unit, 8 km to the Perth CBD. I couldn't believe it when the PM said that the tenant said she couldn't afford the increase! Hopefully she will see reason. Looking at realestate.com...
  10. S

    Greediness VS humanity...please read our nighmare story...who can advise?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share my nightmarish experience with our ex rental property. Apologies for my rusty English. My partner and I rented a 3 bedroom house at the bottom floor in a 3 floors building in Brighton Le Sands in front of the beach 1 week before our beautiful baby was born...
  11. S

    Tenants signing lease before settlement

    Hi all, What are the legal implications of signing a lease agreement with a tenant before settlement on a new IP, particularly if settlement is delayed? Obviously the lease would commence after the settlement, but I'd like to get it all squared away before. Has anyone had a situation...
  12. L

    Is this normal? Rental ad posted and no phone calls for two days

    I'm in the process of purchasing a property in Guildford, NSW and I've already put down 0.25% deposit. My intention is to sub-let each rooms to people who are seeking shared accommodation, and this is the only way for the property to pay itself off. However, after posting an ad on...
  13. Children


    Why I personally think pets are so much better to have as tenants than children. At least you can train pets (and/or find easy solutions) to stop mis-behaving. Children have something called "free will" LOL! I can see the humour in all of this...
  14. tenants sign

    tenants sign

    I took this sign when looking over a friend's unit. Needless to say I don't manage this unit! hehe It says: This place is not the local shop, so buy your own. + I don’t lend anything, so go buy your own. No cash, NO taxi in other words walk In other...