tenants in common

  1. J

    Advice required on structure of property ownership/loan

    Hi All, Due to a growing family my wife and I are planning to sell our existing house and pool our funds together with my mother-in-law to upgrade to a new PPOR for us all to live together in. Once moved in my wife and I are keen to look at purchasing our first IP (separate from...
  2. K

    JV - tenants in common- need help!

    Hi, I am newbie to this forum. Learnt lots of fascinating insights from the experts active members around here. Here is my situation: 1) thinking to set up JV with friend to invest property in NSW Budget circa $800k 2) each will pool in capital$85k for deposit+ expenses. 3) strategy is...
  3. H

    joint tenants or tenants in common

    hi guys , just wondering what are the advantages or disadvantages of buying a property either as joint tenants or as tenants in common ? Any tax implications as well ? many thanx.