1. Termite tracks

    Termite tracks

  2. W

    Termite damage and structural issues

    Hey Folks, I was trying to buy a property recently which has serious termite damage + serious structural issues which has come up in my building and pest report. Thanks to my building and pest guy who was awesome and patient in doing the inspection which saved me 80K on a house on top of the...
  3. laurieload

    CSIRO Termite Bait Box

    Just came across this from CSIRO - The termite bait box technique http://www.csiro.au/en/Outcomes/Safeguarding-Australia/TermiteBaitBoxTechnique.aspx It describes what looks like a fairly easy DIY method for collecting and treating termites if you suspect them on your property. :eek:
  4. C

    Please Help us! Termite damage and control options

    Dear friends, We just bought our first house a couple months ago in Sydney. It's a brick veneer house on piers, about 50 years old. We recently discovered some termite damages in the laudry's wall cavity and fscia. We got a professonal pest guy to inspect our home, he didn't find any active...