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    Tiling Trick. Pretty Nifty!

    G'day Knuckleheads, It's been a little while but l've just knocked up a quick little video showing a cool little trick l use when drilling a tile. It might save you some time and money. Check it out. Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A2olcfSZgg Cheers, Uncle Knackers :)
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    Where to buy Cheap Tiles in Melbourne

    Hi, I need one of the floor tiled at home. I was hoping to be able to source the tiles so i could bring down the overall cost. I did a search on the site but didn't have any luck finding anywhere in Mel. I've looked at the usual sites, graysonline and ebay. Was hoping the more experenced...
  3. Simple Paint and Tiles - after

    Simple Paint and Tiles - after

  4. Simple Paint and Tiles - before

    Simple Paint and Tiles - before

  5. bathroom


    Floor tiles found in the garage. Only paid for the wall tiles $14 per sqm. I even learnt how to drill through tiles.
  6. glutton for punishment?

    glutton for punishment?

    Someone has started this reno by plastering all the internal linings among other things, but still a loooooong way to go!