1. M

    Brisbane- Sell now to Rent?

    Hi I'm new here so go easy on me :) In fact it's my first ever forum post of any forum. My wife and I recently went unconditional on a contract for sale of our house in a Brisbane suburb. I've had a lot of friends and work colleagues telling me now is the wrong time to rent and we should look to...
  2. Richard Feynman

    Perception of time (brace yourself).

    We all know time subjectively passes quicker as we age. Remember the endless summers as a child? Then suddenly the work weeks are flying by, next it's years. Well, for those of you interested, there's a simple formula to calculate how long it will "feel" like between now and a future age. Are...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    Is 2 weeks enough time to organise a bathroom reno and finance it ?

    Hi My tenants gave me 2 weeks notice that they will be vacating on August 2nd. I'm thinking of doing a bathroom reno. It is a good opportunity to do it now as I have money in the bank and I can afford to have it vacant for a little while whilst the work is done. Its a 1 bed 41 sqm...