1. P

    Property Development

    Hi, I am looking at doing a small property development (2-4 townhouses or units) Can anyone give any tips? I am looking to develop in NSW (Close to Sydney). If you can suggest any areas that would be great. What are the basic costs involved in doing a development? - So I can do the...
  2. T

    Brisbane Market

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the site:rolleyes: I am looking at my second Investment property in the Brisbane market.. I previously bought my first Investment property in Feb 2012 in Glenmore Park,Sydney for $317k.. This has been going along nicely with a bit of CG and stable tenants That...
  3. O

    Reno advice needed - 1st investment property

    Hi, Just exchanged the contracts on my first investment property. Will get possession on about 16th DEC :) Went over to the house today and measured up so I could plan my reno's HAVE A LOOK BELOW TO SEE WHAT I CAME UP WITH - PLEASE COMMENT & TELL ME HOW TO IMPROVE THIS DESIGN>>>> My Goals: >...
  4. C

    Advice to 23yo wanting to build an investment portfolio

    Hi SS, I have read a lot of take home messages on this forum and now browse daily, I was hoping to get some advice/tips for my situation from any body that is willing to assist. I am a 23yo, still living at home, expecting to get full time employment in the coming weeks (50k per annum) and...
  5. Alex P Keaton

    Help - Valuation tomorrow ?

    Hi A modelled estimate of my ppor valuation came in at $239 K. This is too low. Tomorrow they will be coming inside my unit for approximately 10 minutes to do a proper valuation. I need it to be valued at $260 K or else I wont be able to afford to buy the ip. Similar comparable...