1. J

    Advice required on structure of property ownership/loan

    Hi All, Due to a growing family my wife and I are planning to sell our existing house and pool our funds together with my mother-in-law to upgrade to a new PPOR for us all to live together in. Once moved in my wife and I are keen to look at purchasing our first IP (separate from...
  2. M

    ex signed her name of title under natural love and affection

    I recently bought a property and had both my name and my exs on the title, she left me about 4 weeks later and signed her name of the title under natural love and affection. Does this mean that if she cant make a claim on the property further down the track if she decides her and her new...
  3. tempura

    Buying process - what to sort out before agreeing on the price?

    I am a noob so please do correct me if i'm wrong :D Before we start with Contract Exchange .... and even before we agreeing to the price, we need to do this due diligence: Building and Pest Inspection Strata Report Amendment on Title (If Any) Is this correct? If so, I would...
  4. K

    Taking over Mortgage

    I am interested in hearing from people that have taken over other people's mortgages and have had the title transferred in your name via a take over deed or similar. How did you structure the deal and what your experience was like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking over...
  5. C

    Common Tenants Purchase!

    Hi Investors, I have been reading all your advice on here the last couple of years, big fan of The Y Man! And last Monday i made the leap and bought my first property :) Heres my situation... I am 22yo and had saved up a large deposit, although because i am still studying and not...
  6. F

    Buying a brand new unit from newly subdivided block -- but no title yet?

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker and finally have the courage to post something :) I am interested on a subdivided block. But when I approached the agent, he advised that even though the new units are complete, they are not yet titled. The vendor is still working with the council and probably...
  7. C

    Title & Tax Return

    Hi, can anyone out there help with my query? My wife & me are looking at purchasing an investment property in WA with the land title as tenant in common. We plan to have the bank loan as 100% in my name (negative gearing purpose) with my wife acting as guarantor, as required by the bank...
  8. PPoR Claim

    PPoR Claim

    Diagram to help explain what can be claimed as 'PPOR'. Each blue letter denotes a separate title. If you live in house 1, can you claim properties A, B & C as your PPoR, or can you only claim property B? For example for land tax or CGT exemptions.
  9. G

    Transfer land owned by family trust to personal name...

    Problem all sorted out now. Please delete the post if required.
  10. D

    Two properties for the price of one?

    Whilst looking for a 2 bedroom apartment I recently came across a property advertised as two for the price of one. The property consists of a 1 bedder and a studio on the same title. The property is part of a larger unit block. I am looking to buy my first investment property and so have...
  11. buzzlightyear

    Stratum v Company Share

    I am confused with the differences between Stratum & company share title. It is my understanding that they are very similar but in talking to a so-called expert during the weekend, they inferred that there is not much difference between Stratum & Strata, with company share being the poor...