1. Adrian Cahill

    Investor Group in Townsville Open for just about all. Please no Agents or Brokers selling services the group is to small for that at the moment. If your not on meetup but in Townsville, please feel free to join us anyway or join me for a coffee.
  2. J

    john the builder

    Hi everyone, this is my first time using Somersoft there is some interesting stuff talked about and you can always learn something new its great. The astute investors have a 7 to 10 year plan and then they flip them and replace them with new ones again I believe that this is the best way they...
  3. Development Photos

    Development Photos

    This is a 4 small lot house development I am currently building 100% pre-sold @ $379,000. Bought the block 2 years ago for $170,000 contruct costs $800,000 - in Townsville