1. C

    Dishonest tradesman – no ABN, no work done – how to recover deposit

    I must admit I did a very stupid thing by paying a tradesman a very significant deposit for a ducted heating installation without obtaining a formal quote. I cannot believe I did it, but it’s done and now I have to think how to recover the money. I dealt with the guy before for work around our...
  2. T

    Dulux Mobile Website for Trade

    Thought this might be of interest to some people (and no, I don't work for Dulux!). I haven't checked it out so please leave your thoughts for others. ---- DULUX LAUNCHES MOBILE WEBSITE FOR TRADE Dulux has launched a trade specific version of its mobile website, making it easier and...
  3. buzzlightyear

    Self Management - Advertising & Tradespeople network

    I am considering dipping my toe in the water of 'self-management' for just one IP initially and see how it goes before I consider it for others. The key areas that have stopped me from trying this historically have been because of; * advertising * tradespeople network Where have people...