1. Scott No Mates

    It must be NY day!

    Went for a drive this morning to view the IPs around Sydney. We did a 40 km loop leaving after 8.30am visiting a couple of different areas including getting out of the car, taking a few pictures of works the tenants have carried out, maintenance required etc and were back to the inner west...
  2. cenz

    Calling all Kellyville/Castle Hill Experts

    Hey there, Newly registered member, long time reader. Thought I'd finally register and use this forum to ask those North West experts a few questions that have been running about in my head whilst on the hunt for a PPOR home in the Hills area. I'm in the market for a 6-700k home around...
  3. Wayville traffic/railway lights map

    Wayville traffic/railway lights map

    Have popped the traffic lights on this map in blue and the railway crossing lights in red.