1. thydzik

    inherited property - possible to transfer into a trust?

    hello All I have a question about inherited property, if the property is to be transferred in the names of x, y and z. Is it possible to transfer the property into a trust with the trustees being x, y and z? Thanks.
  2. K

    Ppor Title transfer pre subdivision to trust

    Hi Bit of background info: I've spoken with a property accountant and worked out that we are going to set up a unit trust with my husband and I as beneficiaries. We are going to buy, Reno and rent out property with the occasional flip. We currently have our ppor in nsw and are in the midst...
  3. M

    Transfer of PPOR to Spouse (WA)

    Hi All Our PPOR is in my name currently in WA. We rented it out in Jan 10 (its our only property) and we are renting in QLD. We got married in Nov 09. Problem is its positively geared and as its in my name am I liable for the 100% of the tax due? Her income is significantly lower than...