1. Alex P Keaton

    Bali - Losari Hotel, Adi Dharma Hotel ?

    Hi guys Need some help! Haha maybe Travel bug can help me too! I'm going to Bali on an end of season sports trip with my mates. Excited :) Never before been overseas so very inexperienced. I dont want to spend the $1,500 plus for a 5 star hotel some are staying at. Want to spend...
  2. DavidMc

    Gold Visa card insurance - is it any good?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if the travel insurance supplied with most Gold credit cards is actually worth relying on? Any experiences of claims? Any links to any analysis on them? Regards, David.
  3. Penan Woman - Mulu, Borneo

    Penan Woman - Mulu, Borneo

    Photo taken whilst visiting a Penan settlement on the banks of a river in Mulu National Park, Sarawak Borneo. Jan 2007. Her ears are stretched from years of wearing the tribal earrings!
  4. Jungle trekking - Bako National Park, Kuching

    Jungle trekking - Bako National Park, Kuching

    Aaaah Borneo.....this is one of our family adventures in January 2007.