1. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Apr 29th - Small Development Deals - Moving on Up

    Last month we went through the ins and outs of subdivisions with an extensive session on the subject. This month we will be stepping further down the development path and discussing small developments, covering off on 1 into 2 and your triplex type deals. There will be plenty of great...
  2. T

    St James, WA Triplex Development Diary

    Hi ALL, New to somersoft and first time post. Would like to share the journey of a commencing a Triplex development in St James, WA. Background: *First time developer *Qtr. Acre block *Retain and build model whilst occupying front dwelling as PPOR. Subdivision: *Demo complete...
  3. A

    Triplex Subdivision in SA

    Hi. I'm a bit new on this forum so hope I am getting the placement of this thread right. I've been investing in property for about 5 years (since I was 21) and enjoyed it. I've never subdivided though. I currently live in an older house on an 18m wide block that I bought for $210,000 just north...
  4. L

    Thoughts on Westminster?

    Hi, new to the forums and interested in your opinions. I know of a block in Westminster coming onto the market soon. 728m? zoned R40. Very standard block for the area, suitable for a triplex development. It currently has an old 3 x 1 house and a large 1 x 1 granny flat. Total rental would be...
  5. J

    Green in the Perth market

    Hello fellas, Newly registered on this board which I've been looking for a coupla weeks I would like to introduce myself and get as much feedback as I can from fellow wise Perth investors on my situation. I'm 27 and very keen to start a port-folio in Perth. I'm lucky enough to have made...