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    Stockland's Allura Estate, Truganina

    Hi, I am a first home buyer and looking to purchase my PPOR before the first home bonus runs out in June 2012 (or will it continue?). I wish to buy under the 350k and like most first home buyers in Melbourne the option comes down to building a home in the west towards Tarneit/ PC/ WL/...
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    Selling decision? House in Truganina VIC or Apartment in Lidcombe NSW

    Hi everyone, I am holding two investment properties: . 2 bedroom apartment in Lidcombe NSW (4yrs) . 4 bedroom house in Truganina VIC (1yr) I intend to sell one of them but unsure which one I should sell and which I should keep. Would appreciate if you could share your...
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    FHB: Truganina, Tarneit, Altona Meadows, Point Cook

    Hi all, My first post after reading several threads.. I think its a great place to get opinions and ideas. I am a FHB with around 80k savings and currently renting in Truganina. I am a self employed consultant in CBD and drive to work 4 days a week (off peak). Trying to move into my...