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    Trusts... These are new to me. Why do you have them

    Hi all, I am currently trying to learn about trusts. I would like to know the benefits of having property held in trust. I am told that it is for asset protection and tax advantages. As I understand it, a discretionary trust or family trust may be best. I have recently booked in to...
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    To use a trust or not?

    Hi, My partner and I currently own 2 properties, one PPOR and the other an investment. We own both in our own names (jointly). We are keen to purchase more property whenever we can release equity, which we are now in a position to do again, so we could potentially own many properties in...
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    Do you invest through a trust?

    Hi guys, I wanted to probe the users of trusts out there as to what is the main reason they use trusts for their investments? Is it for asset protection against potential creditors? Is it for minimising tax payable? Estate planning? Something else? I am curious as I myself am...