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    trust/corporate trustee/multiple lenders

    Hey guys :) I need some help borrowing with a trust. I have a discretionary trust with a corporate trustee and myself as the director/guarantor. From what I've been told, say Bank #1 will let me borrow $400k before my borrowing capacity runs out with them. Can I then create a new/second...
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    Trusts... These are new to me. Why do you have them

    Hi all, I am currently trying to learn about trusts. I would like to know the benefits of having property held in trust. I am told that it is for asset protection and tax advantages. As I understand it, a discretionary trust or family trust may be best. I have recently booked in to...
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    Family Trust Structure

    Hi Guys, My family has a family trust we used to run a Vending machine business. We are now not trading anymore and but instead want to use the trust to hold investment properties. I have a couple questions that i was hoping someone can please help me out on. 1.) When using a family...