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    Trusts... These are new to me. Why do you have them

    Hi all, I am currently trying to learn about trusts. I would like to know the benefits of having property held in trust. I am told that it is for asset protection and tax advantages. As I understand it, a discretionary trust or family trust may be best. I have recently booked in to...
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    To use a trust or not?

    Hi, My partner and I currently own 2 properties, one PPOR and the other an investment. We own both in our own names (jointly). We are keen to purchase more property whenever we can release equity, which we are now in a position to do again, so we could potentially own many properties in...
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    Unit trust advantages

    It seems common practice to sell a private property to a unit trust which may mean more deductible interest. Other than maximising tax deductions, what are the other advantages/purposes of holding a previously private property in a unit trust? I believe asset protection is NOT one of those...
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    Cleardocs have you used them?

    I recently use clear docs to set up my family trust I must admit it was pretty easy, only $137 I went to my accountant and after he charged me $440 for a chat about if I should set one up. I already knew I should and gave him a complete rundown via email, so after my chat I get a bill for...
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    Which trust should I use for portfolio?

    Hi All, All my PPOR are currently in my own name. I need to look at whether I should place my next purchases into trusts to defend myself against litigation and seizure procedures. This is all new to me. Can someone please tell which trust I should look towards creating and how much extra...