1. S

    Should I cut losses on IP? Advice appreciated

    Hi, Bought IP in the Whitsundays in QLD in 2006 as a naive, uneducated investor. Was given usual dream of "doubling money in 10 years etc". As this was pre-GFC, was given 110% loan to roll my existing car loan into (now I cringe at this). End result: PP of $225k, car loan $30k, renos +...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Sell underperforming 1 bed IP & Opportunity cost ?

    PPOR purchased 2008 for $255 k (loan $177 K) - Valued at approx $320 - $350 k in 2014 IP purchased 2009 for $210 k (loan $199 K) - Would get approx $230 - $240 k if sold today IP is a 41 sqm 1 bed in Dianella Also still negatively geared even after holding for 4 years. Properties are...