unit block

  1. tempura

    property price negotiation - private sale

    i'll keep it brief :) 2 questions only. i am asking this from buyer's perspective. :confused: 1. In the same building but higher level, there was a 40 sqm unit sold for $x. The sale just happened 2 weeks ago. Can I use the following method to calculate the price for a 20 sqm unit at a...
  2. R

    Market Requirements for Units

    Dose anyone have a current idea or advice on what the market ie. owners, investors & tenants, are looking for in a unit? Currently in preliminary stages of DA on a small block of units in Brisbane and have meetings scheduled with estate agents to discuss the above. But, thought I would try the...
  3. Scott No Mates

    Services upgrades in units

    Latest update for those pushing their body corporates to upgrade power/phone/tv/lift/exhaust/other common services in NSW. Flat Chat It would now appear that the law would hold that a body corporate is only required to maintain or replace 'like for like' and not be required to pay for upgrades...
  4. M

    Advice on buying block of units.

    I am considering buying a small block of units (3-4 units) in Brisbane or maybe GC, for next IP. Interested in going down this path, as the rental yields appear higher than just buying a house, and to diversify from just having houses as IP. This would be my first unit block purchase. Any...