1. D

    What to do with space?

    Hi all, I am currently working on a potential 6 unit development in Melbourne. Reversed living (living room & kitchen upstairs) 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets. Space is very tight. Some statistics: Age Statistics 20 to 39 30% 40 to 59 27% 5 to 19 22% 60+ 13% 0 to 4 7%...
  2. Block of units - Freshwater

    Block of units - Freshwater

  3. B

    splitting a house into 2 units. how to go about it?

    Hi there all :confused: I have an investment property in Brisbane, its a big house with 4 bedrooms, study, 2 livings big kitchen, 2 car park etc and i want to divide the house into 2 units to rent them out. I have enough space to split the house inside to accommodate the 2 units 3 bed...
  4. P

    Property Development

    Hi, I am looking at doing a small property development (2-4 townhouses or units) Can anyone give any tips? I am looking to develop in NSW (Close to Sydney). If you can suggest any areas that would be great. What are the basic costs involved in doing a development? - So I can do the...
  5. L

    Finance for 15 unit block

    Hi, any advice on finance for 15 one bedroom units? I'm pretty sure they would be on a single title. I just read that this would need to be a commercial loan so I have a lot to learn!
  6. M

    Advice on buying block of units.

    I am considering buying a small block of units (3-4 units) in Brisbane or maybe GC, for next IP. Interested in going down this path, as the rental yields appear higher than just buying a house, and to diversify from just having houses as IP. This would be my first unit block purchase. Any...
  7. D

    Construction finance

    Hi Can anyone offer information on how construction finance works for building units please? I have heard you can borrow 60% of the construction costs (which I assume means you need 40% of the construction cost in equity or cash??) Can you still get compound interest (to pay no interest...
  8. J

    Older Property: is depreciation schedule worthwhile?

    hi all... probably a silly question. Just bought an IP and found out it is 33 yrs old (nice bonus as we hadn't expected any depreciable value left). Built 1979. Can anyone advise how a quantity surveyor woudl calculate its original construction cost? I assume it was quite cheap to build in...
  9. fenrir

    Option to buy out all remaining units in a small Southport 4 pack

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if I could get some thoughts/feedback on an option that has come up for my partner and myself. My wife owns a single unit in an old 2 storey unit block (4 units total) in Southport just near the Gold Coast Hospital. There has been issues for over 12 months now with...
  10. G

    Full Reno 5 unit Block - south side Brisbane

    Recommend for a Full Reno ? 5 Unit Block Bris Sth Side I'm looking for some recommendations for a builder that can do a complete Reno It's a older style wooden block so easy to work on its up on stumps so plumbing is a breeze too. I will need X 5 new bathrooms, basic all tile floor and...
  11. O

    Melbourne IP opportunities and what type??

    I have one IP in Brisbane but have recently moved to Melbourne and looking at buying another here. What is the thoughts on upcoming suburbs and prices. Would the Capital growth be better on a unit, townhouse or house? Unit I could afford closer to town but I would have to look at houses in...
  12. Alex P Keaton

    Quarterly Change 21% - Highgate WA

    From the Property Report in todays West Highgate is on top in the top 10 unit suburbs year on year 21% This is the suburb i live in. :D :cool: Heres an exerptfrom the article Highgate took out top spot on the best growth suburbs list for units for the past three months with a 21...
  13. N

    Investing in Queensland

    I am an agent up here in Hervey Bay in sunny Queensland. I specialise in Project Marketing and Unit Sales, Investment and Development Opportunities. I would love to use this site as a gateway to like minded people who may wish to know what I am doing/selling. Some of the properties I get are...
  14. Tassie Oak floor replaces rotten carpet!

    Tassie Oak floor replaces rotten carpet!

    After photos of my Burnie reno
  15. Burnie Units After

    Burnie Units After

    These are how the units in Burnie look after painting