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    Atlanta GA

    Hi Anyone who has invested in single family house in Atlanta? Interested to hear from people regarding how long it has taken to secure tenants, rent achieved and in which neighbourhoods. PM me if you prefer. thanks Jo
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    Finance for US IP?

    Note: I'm re-posting this question from my other post in "Accounting and Tax". Hi all - I'm a US citizen, but have been living in Oz for about 15 years now, and am employed by an Australian company. There are a lot of cashflow positive properties available in the US, and I'm interested...
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    BIG Brisbane Meeting / Sept 29th / Investing in the USA

    Property investing in the USA - How to Hello everyone! This month at BIG we're discussing investing in USA property and have two presenters, Geoff Webster and Tracey Bryan to share their experiences with us. They will be discussing the pros and cons, areas of interest, financing, cash flow...
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    Property Direct America and GO Zone/SRAP programs

    I came across this site today: There are also numerous other companies doing a similar thing. They build/sell new homes in the recently flood ravaged areas of the US (otherwise known as the "GO zone"). These properties conform to the SRAP program...