vacancy rates

  1. Alex P Keaton

    I think the hurd are starting to buy in Perth - Peaking ?

    I think the herd are starting to buy in Perth - Peaking ? Did anyone see the article in WA's Sunday times today? Page 8 of the liftout I attached the article. 44 % of the 1000 surveyed are thinking of buying in Perth 2014. I know just the 1000 surveyed is not a large sample to go on...
  2. Pins

    Buying in Maitland, Hunter Valley

    Hi all, I have an IP in Singleton which has been doing well (although vacancy rate has shot up in last 12 mths, but mine is safely tenanted) A friend is thinking about buying in Maitland. It has had very high growth the last 1-2 years and wondering if it might be plateauing. Does...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    4.5 % Vacancy Rate in Perth atm

    Had a chat with a PM in the Morley area and she is saying that there is a 4.5% Vacancy Rate in Perth. The normal is 2.5%. A while ago it was at 0%. What effects these vacancy rates? Is it perhaps because more fhb bought their own property in the last 6 months and moved out of their rented...