1. Alex P Keaton

    Tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice vacating !

    Hi My tenants gave me just 2 weeks notice that they will be vacating. I just found out yesterday, the 17th July. The current lease expires August 2nd. Dont they need to give you longer notice than this? I thought it was something like 6 weeks? Sorry if this question has been asked a...
  2. T

    Website that shows vacancy rates for a suburb

    Hi SS'ers A few days ago I came across a great link on SS - for a website that would show vacancy rates for a suburb. Could anyone enlighten me as to where this website is please? I've searched through my browser history but there's about 10000 sites there, so it's not getting me closer to...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    4.5 % Vacancy Rate in Perth atm

    Had a chat with a PM in the Morley area and she is saying that there is a 4.5% Vacancy Rate in Perth. The normal is 2.5%. A while ago it was at 0%. What effects these vacancy rates? Is it perhaps because more fhb bought their own property in the last 6 months and moved out of their rented...