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    Valuations - go through broker or organise myself?

    Hi, I am wondering what the best method is for getting valuations to release equity from properties in a portfolio? Our current portfolio including PPOR includes 3 properties. Given these are all in Sydney I would like to get them revalued again in the coming months. So far we have...
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    Do valuers notice the details?

    just curious, has anyone known a valuer who pays attention to the details when it comes to the fitout of an IP? For instance, do they note if a kitchen benchtop is esse stone instead of laminate? Do they notice hardwood floors versus cheap vinyl, 31 corse brickwork instead of 28, etc or do they...
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    Strategy for portfolio review

    Hi, Our property investing strategy is to buy and hold and accelerate wealth through renovating. Currently we own 2 properties in Sydney, worth approximately 1.1M. One is in need of a major cosmetic reno, the other could do with a minor within 5 years (kitchen, 2 bathrooms, floorboards)...
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    NRAS Valuations

    I've been having some preliminary discussions with 2 NRAS companies, trying to decide who to go with and establish a long term relationship. I've seen it discussed in these forums, that you should get up front valuations for "off the plan" NRAS properties to avoid surprises later on. I...
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    Brisbane City Council Valuations

    Hi, does anyone know if there is any free, publicly assessable information about property valuations provided by the Brisbane City Council? What I'd like to do is compare an asking price with the council valuation. Thanks