1. M1zz

    Victorian Property Investment Club

    Hi all, Although I joined a while back, it is only recently that I started visiting Somersoft more often, and nowadays I am almost on every day reading. That can give you an indication to my type of personality, which is the observer type. I learned much about the friendly culture and...
  2. A

    Property Data For VIC - IMPOSSIBLE?!?!

    Hi guys, I have been going crazy trying to find property data for victorian suburbs. I have searched for products which give you previous sales info, suburb analysis, demographics, vacancy rates, capital growth rates, infrastructure upgrades to area, etc, etc but it seems that due to these...
  3. T

    Asbestos Inspection Report for VIC Owners Corp

    Hi all, I own a unit in Victoria, in a block of 8. The paid Owners Corp manager believes that the building needs an Asbestos Inspection Report & Register, as the OH&S law(s) may have recently changed. The OC doesn't directly employ anyone to look after the property. A gardener is...
  4. N

    Which Investment Company and What Area?

    Hi I have never bought an investment property before... I live in Berwick VIC. I have been speaking to 2 companies about purchasing my first property. Option 1: is a company called Legal & General who only offer property in the Berwick/Casey area...