1. K

    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    Hi all, This is my first post and hoping to get some advice with purchasing my 2nd investment property. My exisiting IP is in Tarneit. I have been approved for 330k, but I don't necessarily want to spend that much. As a single mum within the lower income bracket, I think something with...
  2. C

    Lara or there abouts

    Hi Just wondering anyones thought on Lara Vic. Looking at developing a small block of one story townhouses to sell off. Seems there is a bit of development in the area. Does it pay to look at developing the older area with splitting off a block to develop into three townhouses? Any...
  3. G

    Easements and Unapproved Extensions in VIC

    Hi All, Looking to make an offer on my first property (intent is to live in for 2-3 years then utilise it as an IP) and upon review of the Section 32, I found that there is an drainage easement along the back fence. The bad news is the current owners have built a non-council approved...
  4. P

    Whats so attractive about Essendon, Vic???

    Been on a hunt for a property and looked further out west-ish... Essendon is so riduciously expensive. I am really not sure why this place is exclusive and expensive My understanding this suburb is in around the flight path of planes descending to Melbourne Airport. I read somewhere this...
  5. A

    How to find a nominee for unsettled block

    How can we find a nominee for a block of land when settlement is close and what will be the consequences if we cant settle what legal actions a developer can take .
  6. Pins

    Calculating land value - Coburg, VIC

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing a property in Coburg VIC to live in for now, but as a future IP. Any suggestions as to how I work out the value of the land? Cheers!
  7. E

    FTB seeking opinions on Regional VIC, up to 50km from Melbourne?

    We've been procrastinating for far too long and think we should make 2013 the year to buy our first home. My husband and I would be willing to spend up to/around 300K, perhaps more, and are open to feedback on areas you might recommend. We're looking for somewhere regional, up to 50km...
  8. A

    Property Data For VIC - IMPOSSIBLE?!?!

    Hi guys, I have been going crazy trying to find property data for victorian suburbs. I have searched for products which give you previous sales info, suburb analysis, demographics, vacancy rates, capital growth rates, infrastructure upgrades to area, etc, etc but it seems that due to these...
  9. Honest John

    Is this the most corrupt institution in Australia?
  10. I

    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Hi everyone, It's my first post. I know these kinds of questions get asked all the time, but the parameters and statistics seem to change so rapidly in the property market! I'd like to buy an IP, with roughly neutral cashflow. Rather than get all excited, rush out and buy someting...
  11. T

    RPData Subscription Sharing For Melbourne and Victoria.

    Hi all. Who wants access to every house sale in Victoria, including full address, sale price, Comparitive Market Analisys, land size, owners etc? Other services aren't allowed to provide full adresses for Victorian sales (privacy). I'm looking for three people to share the cost of a...