1. U

    Old Uncle Knackers Needs Some Help

    Gidday Knuckleheads, If l may be so bold, l have attached a link to a video l have just made requesting some help from all you DIY nuts out there. Have a squizz and if you can help that would be great. Please excuse my video production but l was limited by the software....well that's my...
  2. R

    Renovation Video's?

    Love seeing the before & after photos in this forum, but is there anywhere central that people can upload videos to? other than just posting links to a YouTube video :)
  3. Jaffasoft

    Australian Property Investor Magazine Video Diary

    Australain Property Investor Magazine has bought out a serious of interesting videos on interviews with investors and recently they just added one renovating a house near the beach at Perth. Sasha's Supper Fast Renovation WOOOOW. It's screening here at any time. l also update it when one...