1. S

    Third year of defects rectification in a new property

    Defects rectification process in a strata apartment A set of posts with details and timeline of the real defect rectification process for a strata apartment in Sydney: http://traveloga.blogspot.com/2013/06/construction-issues-resolution-in.html First post of the series...
  2. F

    Handyman Warranty?

    Hi, 2 years ago I had a handyman renovate my Rural IP bathroom/shower...This person had an ABN no. and I paid all my bills via cheque or Bank Transfer. The Shower recess started showing signs of leaking within 6 months. The Handyman refuses to return...ignores my emails/texts.. The...
  3. investdrain

    builder's warranty, help, celling damaged

    My friend purchased an invest house property in Bonner in Canberra in July 2010 from Maloneys Estate Agent. At that time, there was no any visible trace of water leaking. My friend was told late Wednesday afternoon (Sep 15) by my property rent agent (the same agent) that the mentioned...