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    POLL: Using water when Showering effects : Please Help!

    Hi All, I'm doing a quick poll to confirm my understanding. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Basically this question is for anyone living in a house with multiple bathrooms (showers). Especially if you live in a house when the showers are upstairs and downstairs. When you...
  2. North arm cove sunset

    North arm cove sunset

    North arm cove sunset
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    Solar Hot Water System - is it comfortable?

    Hi All, I really need some urgent advice regarding solar hot water system. I'll rep you for your time on any helpful advice!! I've never showed with a SOLAR hotwater system. Just wondering is it comfortable? Is the idea to save on electricity? Are there any downsides to using a hotwater...
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    Connection to vacant block in Bendigo

    Hi all, Can anyone give me any info on the costs of connecting gas/water etc to a vacant block in Bendigo? I have heard anywhere between $25,000 - $100,000, there is power on the block next door, will that make it cheaper? I would appreciate any information. Thanks.
  5. aaarghhh


    Lots of rain and flooding surrounding my place in lawnton. Great...:( Anyone else in trouble
  6. waterfall


    my waterfall, lots of rock carrying, crushed fingers, and encounters with large brown snakes, helped create this little oasis.