western sydney

  1. D

    Buy and Hold unit in Harris Park

    Hi guys, First of all, I am new to property investment. I was thinking to buy and hold a unit somewhere in Parramatta area. Given that Parramatta is outside of my budget range, I started to look around the surrounding suburbs (eg. Merrylands, Granville, etc). Recently I have decided to go...
  2. R

    Any Questions for a Buyers Agent

    I am an Exclusive buyers agent based in Sydney, I have entered the forum, just to answer any questions anyone has in regards to use, roles and benefits of using a Buyers Agent. And to help educate the public in regards to what we do, and the reason use of B/A are so preeminent in places...
  3. R

    If you live in Western Sydney...Budget 2014

    Just trying to digest the Budget 2014 in relation: http://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/what-the-federal-budget-2014-means-for-you/story-fn84fgcm-1226916437313 IF YOU LIVE IN WESTERN SYDNEY ... Good news as you will receive the lion?s share of an $11.6 billion Infrastructure Growth...
  4. T

    Western sydney St Marys still going strong in 2014

    was looking at current prices today to get a valuation done and came across this property http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-st+marys-116486563 1208 m under contract for around 815k the one next door same size block sold for 445k in October 2012...
  5. Pins

    Is there anywhere in Sydney that is not screaming hot?

    Hi all Inner west, west, east, they all seem pretty hot right now. Is there anywhere in Sydney that is not totally crazee right now? Is it possible to buy BMV at the moment? I'm thinking about buying somewhere in the outer suburbs at around the 300k mark but will not be paying that for...
  6. MsAli

    Western Sydney/Parramatta region market is stupidly crazy

    Been looking at the market around the Parramatta region. Houses in Toongabbie selling for close to 100k over what you would have paid a year ago. Each open home has in order of 50+ viewings... Even clad homes in liveable condition are selling for 600k odd. Just saw a listing range between...
  7. N

    Suggestions to find development site in Western Sydney suburbs?

    Hello Somersoft World, I have been around the forum from few weeks now. Its a great world of information and place to know great like minded people with heaps of help. Cheers to all. We are few (3+) friends looking to develop our own townhouses/villas instead of buying from builder or...
  8. S

    Western Sydney Property Group

    Hi, Western Sydney Group (http://www.westernsydneyproperty.com.au/) operates in Western Sydney as the name suggests. I have heard some negative reviews about the group "Western Sydney Property" group. However, when I visited their build flat in Rooty Hill, I was actually impressed by the...
  9. H

    Novice in need of some help

    Hi everyone, Newbie here in need of some advice. My husband and I are looking to purchase an investment property in Western Sydney and after doing some research we had decided to focus on the Campbelltown area. Since we live in the inner west and have two little ones the thought of driving out...