1. C

    Best Area Under $200K with good yield

    Hi All, As the title suggests, I am looking for an update on where people believe the best properties are under $200k with a good yield (7%+) Cheers Cash Flows
  2. Alex P Keaton

    2 x 1 unit in Windsor

    What do you think of something like this? A unit in Windsor would be an affordable entry point to buy into an inner city suburb. These units I think would have good CG and becuase the cost price is lower the yield would be a bit higher than if I bought for over $400 K too. Group of 6 - a 2 x...
  3. mixedup

    a few basic rental yield calculation questions?

    Just to do some "rough" calculations when looking at a rental property any advice on any of these? a) What's the term for the final after tax "profit" divided by property value? Is it Net Yield? i.e. if property was $500k and annual income (rent - expenses - interest + tax benefit) was...
  4. S

    Buying a property that you rent

    Currently paying 28K per month rental on a retail shop in a nice shopping strip. Now have an opportunity to purchase the building at around high fives. my first thought is that it makes sense to do that however I have no idea how to evaluate such a proposition. Any help that you smartybrains...
  5. Granny Flat Bathroom

    Granny Flat Bathroom

    Our modern bathrooms create a sense of luxury while providing investors with the reassurance their investment is creating growth. www.propertybloom.com.au
  6. Granny Flat Kitchen

    Granny Flat Kitchen

    Our granny flat kitchens provide plenty of room for entertaining with a choice of colour options. www.propertybloom.com.au
  7. Granny Flat

    Granny Flat

    Our granny flats are ideal for our clients who are getting started in developing right through to clients who are adding to their existing property portfolio. www.propertybloom.com.au
  8. Granny Flat Laundry

    Granny Flat Laundry

    The laundry allows for a spacious living area, any tenant would enjoy using, whilst giving you a high rental yield on your investment. www.propertybloom.com.au
  9. D

    WA's Mining Towns

    I work with a building company that builds transportable buildings in WA, we operate out of our Perth Yard and service all of WA and into neighboring states if necessary. We are aware of several lucrative opportunities in North West mining towns, we have the capacity to build houses...
  10. K

    Mitchelton Qld opinion?

    Hi all, I am a first time investor and new member of this site. I am looking for investment property in 5-10 kms radius in Brisbane for upto $540K. I would like to know your opinion on Mitchelton and surrounding suburbs and how it will perform in next 5-10 years. I belive the rental yield...
  11. Alex P Keaton

    Oakajee Port and Rail OPR - Geraldton

    Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) - Geraldton I am thinking about buying a 2 bedroom unit in Geraldton next year. The units are still quite affordable. Around the $150 K mark!! I think there will be some good CG! But I wander about rental demand and vacancies. With this new project going ahead...