1. P

    Awkward property to obtain finance for, any suggestions?

    Hi there, I am very very keen to get deeper into debt in the form of buying another investment property on a buy and hold strategy. Before I do though I want to buy a PPOR. We are looking at buying a block of land and building. There is a reason for this. My wife runs a dog walking...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Rezoning map - question

    hi I have a question. I'm looking at this City of Armadale Zoning map As an example - Does Girraween street come under R40 Zoning ? How about Cronin Place which is near Reg williams reserve and just above from the R15/R25 zoning. This map is really confusing to me Which streets...
  3. W

    community zoning

    Hi, there is a property Im slightly interested in that is zoned community. It is surrounded bycommunity (TAFE) with community zoning across the road. There is a residential house on the land currently rented out. We are not developers merely keeping the houses and renting out. What do people...
  4. F

    Long term serviced apartment lease and zoning

    Hi there, (first time poster, so pardon my ignorance :-) ). I am considering purchasing an apartment in the city of Sydney (v close to townhall station). It is leased to a hotel, where the lease is to 2014 with a further 5 year option. ie there is a lock in period until 2019. Rental...