1 bedroom "flat" - hard to find ?

Can anyone think of a reason why there are so few 1 bedders in the suburbs ?

A young relative of mine is looking at moving out of home. He's in his early twenties. He's shared a house before with friends and doesn't want to do it again and so on the weekend we just had quick look for 1 bedders.

He's currently lives in North Lakes and is looking anywhere from Strathpine to Redcliffe but doesn't want to go in towards the city because his work is in Caboolture.

Anyway, we couldn't find much on internet and he asked me my thoughts as to why there are so few around. I could guess that maybe back in the day there was little demand ? Or maybe the capital growth isn't there ?

But at the same time I understand his point of view that he just wants an affordable, clean (doesn't have to be flash but not a dump) 1 bedder.

Thoughts anyone ?
Wow that is a surprise. Being a northern Brissie girl myself, i never had a problem renting a 1bedder in my youth. Nundah, northgate, toombul, zillmere are all suburbs i have rented in.

When i just had a look at RE.com.au there is a surprising lack of 1br units for sale. Not even a lot to rent. Maybe a lot of those old "6 pack" blocks have been demolished, or maybe they are just tighly held. Good luck
The outer northern suburbs is H&L territory, the market builds what the market demands.Try looking a little closer in, you should be able to find plenty of 1 bed units on the Redcliffe peninsula though.