110% letting fee?

From: J Parker

I just changed property managers to discover that my new pm charges 110% of the weeks' rent as a letting and reletting fee. Has anyone come across this before, as I considered 100% to be enough (and standard)?
She claims it's because it's the GST that's added that makes the difference.
Cheers, Jacque :)
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From: Aaron Dwyer

Just went through this myself.

All the agents I spoke with charged gst on the 1 week let fee.

That was for a casual let only, but I'd imagine that it's across the board.
Aaron Dwyer
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From: Joanna K

Hi Jacque,

One week letting fee is very standard, and unfortunately, no one is going to subsidise the GST.

Kind regards

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From: Manny B


as per the other posts, I usually pay 1 week letting fee, although I have been quoted when shopping around for PMs in the past a 2 weeks letting fee (although the PM that charges 2 weeks letting fee may charges less commission)... You will need to do your summs, consisting of the letting fee & the commission...


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