12mm AC5 laminate floating floorbaords

Hi all,

Went to Decorug over the weekend and they have some pretty good specials on. I was initially going for the 8mm 2 strip AC4 laminate as I really liked the colour and finish; however, the 2 strip looked rather busy for a med to large size lounge. I ended up going for the 12mm AC5 one strip. Both have a HDF base. The 12mm also has what they call a A.B.S sound barrier between the laminate and the HDF board.

These boards will be in the lounge and hall way. The 12mm will be more durable as its AC5 and it should sound more solid compared to 8mm. The cost difference between 8mm and 12mm was about 17 bucks more per sqm. It comes witha 20 years warranty; the 8mm was only 15 years.

I thought if I am going to pay for the install, materials, underlay, etc, I might as well go for the best whether it's for PPOR or renting out. As for skirting, the unit already has a tall white skirting board attached. I think it's rather ugly to go and place a wooden finish skirting to the existing white skirting, so I am going to buy skirting from Bunnings in white or paint it white which should blend into the existing one.

Anyone have any experience with 8mm AC4 and 12mm AC5? Going with the 3mm quiet walk underlay which is the strata approved stuff. In particular, dripping water onto the floor; for example, hand rinsed a face towel and you need to walk it across the lounge to hang..a few drops hit the floor, will this cause any issuse if not wiped up? Is the problem only if water gets under the laminate to the HDF where it will expand or buckle?

I bought med class carpet for the two bedrooms which looks very nice.