1st home buyers question...cant find the answer!

Hey all,

Sorry for asking a question that has probably been answered before but i tried searching and couldnt find the answer.

My gf has had an apartment for 6 months using the first homebuyers grant. We have both been living in there maybe 2 days a week at most and the rest divided between her parents and my parents house. No one else has lived in the house.

Is she now able to rent it out or do we have to live in there "permanently" for the 6 months? I cant see any reason why we wouldn't be able to rent it out now?

I couldnt find a similar question
If you haven't claimed another residence as a PPOR for the 6 months it sounds fine to me....

(I was wondering when the 6 mths would be up for all the FHBs who bought with the intention of renting them out after the 6 mths. I am waiting to see where there will be a sudden supply of rentals....)
Just throwing it out there, it may not be an issue in WA...but in Qld there's different rates of stamp duty which apply depending on whether its investment or PPoR - my understanding is you need to keep the place as a PPoR for 12 months to justify the lower rates of stamp duty applying...may be a non-issue for you but wanted to mention it in case :)
It's all in the justification. If the government were to ask your girlfriend to prove that she lived there for 6 months, how could she?

Simple, really:

* an electricity account should be active in your girlfriends name
* telephone account
* If this is a different electorate to living at home, then enrol to vote in this electorate
* Get mail redirected to the property

...and so on.