2 bedroom apartment renovation estimation cost?

Discussion in 'Adding Value' started by gobear, 25th Jul, 2009.

  1. gobear

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    11th Jun, 2009
    My best friend is about to sell one of her property investment 2 bedroom apartment soon. The condition is not very bad considering it's for many years but she will need a major renovation if she wants to sell a good price.

    She wants to know the approx. cost if it needs the renovation for the following thing (pretty much everything anyways):

    1) New paintings on every wall
    2) Replace from old carpets to new carpets
    3) Replacement of kitchen look\bench including stove, oven, drawers
    4) Get rid of old built in wardrobes & replace 2 new ones in the 2 bedroom
    5) New replacement of 2 toilets washing basin, toilet, shower, bath etc as well as tells
    6) Replacement of new doors and windows?

    Or any other fixtures that is relevant to the new renovation

    She just need the approx. cost to get the whole thing renovated.

    Does it need $40K (including labours and materials) to do the whole damn thing?
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    1st Jul, 2008
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    $3K ($1.5K ea)

    2 new bathrooms @ $8K ea = $16K

    Who knows - how many are there? Allow $4K

    Allow $1K

    I just did the sums = $40K - so YES. Lots of assumptions but very rough guide based on the limited info you have supplied.
  3. sash

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    10th Feb, 2003
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    You can do it quite cheaply if you shop around and self manage. Use a handy man instead of a painter ..a lot cheaper if you buy the paint.

    1. Painting for small 2 brm unit - $1200-$1500
    2. New carpets - approx. $1500 (use wool berber)....flecked stuff for about $32 per sqm meter.
    3. Keep the kitchen body and replace doors and benchtop...if you shop around probably about $2-3K depending on quality. New appliances can get it for about 1K and electrician another $500.
    4. Build in robes about $1600
    5. Paint the wall tiles and replace the cracked ones about $500, new vanity about $300, new shower unit $500, bath $200, tile over the top of the floors. Labour about $1500.
    6. New doors painted and fitted about $600.

    You should have change for $12K.

  4. Nathan

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    16th Mar, 2006
    Im doing reno soon to a unit.

    If you pay more then $10k for all ur paying too much.

    $3k kitchen
    $3k bathroom
    $500 paint $1000 labour
    $1500 flooring

    $1k spare for fiddly bits.
  5. DRUSS

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    22nd Sep, 2008
    Sydney, NSW
    I done this to a 2 bedroom unit 4 years ago...here's what I did..

    - House paint All up probably less then $200. Went to auctions (grays) and got 4ltr tins for $16each. Since it was originally a bunnings product they tinted it for free :)

    - Carpet two rooms, $900. Carpet Court inc installation.

    - Tiled the whole house $500 - bar the 2 carpeted bedrooms. Cost $7psqm (italian ceramic). Got it at the auctions. About $250 for tiles, and then $250 for tile cement and grout. Few tools aswell. Did this myself with cousin in law.

    - Flat Pack kitchen bunnings $2k- Just base's about $2k from memory, that including wall cabinets too.

    - $1500 for benchtops - tradesman installed, bunnings products to difficult to install ie requires alot of cutting etc.

    - Oven Electrolux chef gas/electic $500 ...Ebay
    - Cook top gas SS $120approx bunnings
    - SS sink $100approx Bunnings.
    - New doors every room $50each bunnings

    So for Carpet x2 rooms, New kitchen + appliance's, new tiles, new paint, new doors approxmiately $6000....

    It really helped me not rushing and being patient, going to the auctions, doing alot of stuff myself etc.
  6. jos

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    2nd Aug, 2009
    sydney, nsw
    40k is too much for what your best friend wants to do however if your friend is not willing to put in the effort to search around and get their hands dirty then expect to pay that much.....the top 2 reponses price is what i would say but then again it depends on the people and how much work they want to put into it....

    Damn.......5k to paint all the walls in a 2bedroom apartment!!! i should be a painter :)

    Kitchen....like sash said......change the doors to polyurethane with modern handles, that alone will enhanced the look, if you're going to want more then get granite benchtop otherwise leave the money in your pocket and just do the doors

    Why do you need to rebuild the BIW if you're not going to live there? who cares leave it was it is, just give it a good clean...

    I don't think its worth it to put in the effort and money up to 40k to renovate the place so it could look more attractive to buyers, if its really bad then i reckon all it needs is just new paint and a thorough cleanig of the apartment, spending that much on renovation doesn't mean you get it back when you sell the property
  7. sandandra6

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    12th Aug, 2009
    Melbourne, Victoria
    rough quote

    my own opinion would be no on the $40k but i tend to most of my own labour and anything that needs labour we call on friends who know tradies and get LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of quotes.

    please let me know how everything goes as i would be interested to hear how much it does end up costing.
  8. zayne

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    4th Oct, 2007
    Melbourne, Vic
    I did a similar kind of thing in a 2 bedder a few months ago:

    • New kitchen cupboards and benchtops, tiles, plumbing etc.
    • New shower, toilet, vanity, tiles, taps, move plumbing for bathroom
    • Sanded and polished timber floors
    • Cleaned carpets
    • Repainted throughout walls and ceiling
    • Replaced light fittings throughout
    • Built in robe built in bedroom

    All this cost me under $15k for materials and labor (Although I did do the ripping out of the old kitchen + bathroom and painted myself). One way I found to keep costs down was to purchase materials from ebay such as toilets, tiles etc. Much cheaper then the shops in some cases. I kept costs down in the kitchen by using a Bunnings flat pack.