21st Century Property & Option on land

Hi Is anyone here having some experiences with 21st Century Property?? I have read the forum a lot recently, seen people mention Michael Yardney, Chan & Naylor.. But haven't seen anyone mention 21st Century Academe / Property.. And has anyone heard their option on land project??

Another question, so far I feel, Michael and his team seem mainly focus on “adding value” and “developing” while 21st Century mainly focus on “wholesale power/deal”. As a newbie in PI, who only has $70K-$80K free-up equity can use, no experience on renovating, which is a better way to go?? I’d like to hear some more experienced property investors’ opinion. Any input is appreciated.
Either have mine Rob, but you have to give credit to the bloke, the fact he is still around. He falls into the catagory of selling the sizzle and not the steak in my books. I wonder if he bought up big with his share options before the GFC