23 Quadrillon dollar credit glitch

Goes to show how der that is. The cards were pre-paid debit cards which should have a hard limit of not accepting debits greater than the pre paid credit balance.
Careful with its use OP.......There's nothing unsubtle or endearing about DERRRRRR.... :D

Better to conserve use for full on frontal attacks only....especially

What a DER

I suppose young'uns have their equivalent in SMS'ese.


comes to mind. :rolleyes:
Talking about sarcasm and put downs, the first time I heard the one below I laughed my head off for a good minute or three.

When someone starts whinging about how tough life is, which is common in my job, you respond curtly and disinterestedly with

"Ring Lifeline.....they care"

Of course, I never use this in my job....just with mates....