2nd BED, or Carspace?

Hi all,
Have been thinking about this today, curious to get some knowledgeable thoughts.

Which would you go for given all things being equal.

i.e. location (Bondi Beach for example), price, age of home, fees, etc. AND both extra's being un-needed,
A second bedroom, or a carpark?

If you get one, you can't have the other. Eg. The one bedder would have a carpark, the two bedder would not.

Curious to hear feedback.
For an IP I would go for 2 bedrooms. That way friends can share so you are widening the range of potential tenants. A 1 bedroom really restricts tenants to singles or couples.
on my little experience, i would go a 2nd bedroom, as a lot of people would use public transport i imagine and as marg said a wider range of tenants