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From: Lucinda Hudson


I have just purchased my 2nd IP and am looking for a good property manager in the Cannington area of Perth - any suggestions? (I manage my first IP myself with no problems)

I have rung a few property managers and the going rate seems to be 8.5 %. Is this standard for the Perth area?


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From: Manny B

Hi Lucinda,

I'm not sure what the going rate is up there, but in Melb my property manager charges me 5% plus one week letting fee (negotiated it as they manage a number of my IPs)...

For a one off IP, their normal rate here is around 7% plus 1-2 weeks letting fee...

Good luck,

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From: Alex Investor

When I was in Perth in April buying our 4th IP, I found that the going rate was 8.5%. Here in Sydney we get 5%.

However I found the rental return higher in Perth.


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