A dingo took my Dazz!

I saw Dazz (TPFKAD) was back posting the other day. I just went to see if he had made any more recent posts only to find no matches under that name. Has he changed names or been booted again? If he has a new name please let me know (although no doubt I will recognize his unique style if writing under another name).
Thanks Sim, must have been a glitch at my end.

Fair to say that there is no dingo big enough:D
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Well, I have always believed "F--- them if they can't take a joke" and no disrespect is meant to anyone who doesn't share my admittedly warped sense of humour.

I make that comment about dingoes whenever anything goes missing unexpectedly. I do it in the Meryl Streep accent , a poor version of Aussie strine (I think it is called), but to me it has a number of meanings and connotations:

-Forensic scientists who make evidence up as they go along and call themselves experts

-10 + years behind bars before pardon granted (and how will our government, court system and society give those years back in the absence of longevity drugs?)

-Media frenzy and hysteria and society's treatment of religions they think are a bit "different".

I think Dazz lives over in WA and there are plenty of dingoes there- it seemed the only logical conclusion to describe his absence ( but will the jury believe it?;))