A normal day..

I have been watching a property main rd entry 2 lane 4 klm's from the Brisbane CBD,, for over 3 years now from when it first went to the auction,had one bid ring near the end on the first knock of the hammer thought i had it in those brief 3 seconds 7 minutes later it sold for
279k more then my only bid,the couple that bought the place paid top dollar
put all the longterm tenants out on settlement,it has Full BCC ,approval package,i have it in front of me:),they wanted 1.4 mill,i get a call this morning from the agent,they have to sell offer above 950k and the deal done
i offered her 800k 5 weeks with a clean 45 settlement,She the agent thought it was a big joke at the time,,i have about 5 like this that i'm working all seem to be in the same boat ,to me it's only worth 775-800k,then just rent all the 4 timber flats out,just have to wait and see how low they will go..
Just goes to show how many different markets are out there..