A question of our Nth American friends.

I'm retiring soon so next year intend to spend a little time in the Americas.

At this early stage of planning I want to see Yellowstone, do the train trip through the Rockies to Vancouver, experience New Orleans music and ride the train through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. While in Chihuahua I want to sus out the silver mining scene.

Any tips on what time of year etc for the Northern part of the trip? I'm open to suggestions. :D
Awwww...I thought maybe you were going to ask about things to see and do in Nova Scotia.
Thought you might like to see all of our fishermen and how we decorate our igloos inside. (you'd be surprised how many Americans think of this way)
You could visit the cemetary of many of the Titanic victims, and the museum display.
Visit the world's highest tides. We have a great pioneer village, if you like to step back in time.Travel to Cape Breton to visit Fortress of Louisburg....

Oh well, maybe another time.:)
I try to avoid watching it, bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
6 months of the year the car stays in lowrange four wheel drive with studded snow tyres fitted.